Our Group


DEVILLÉ group employs 900 people in 6 plants :

  • Baugé, Maine et Loire, France
  • Angers-Beaucouzé, Maine et Loire, France
  • Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Vienne, France
  • Nogent, Haute Marne, France
  • Poznan, Poland
  • Jihlava, Czech Republic


DEVILLÉ group has 4 main activities :

  • PRADINES® : design and manufacture of hand tools (pruning shears, hedge shears…) for professional and hobby users. These products are distributed under the brand BAHCO PRADINES®
  • OUTILS PAM : manufacture of forged parts and metal shears ; services provided in forging, machining, grinding, heat-treatment, coating and laser marking
  • DEVILLÉ ASC : manufacture of automotive components subject to safety rules (Airbag subsets, safety belts components, steering columns…)
  • DEVILLÉ PLASTIC : manufacture of plastic technical components and equipment for industrial customers